DLM Tutorials

How to Add Active Highlight to Table of Contents

January 6, 2021

Learn how to use requestAnimationFrame to smoothly animate Table of Contents Links in the sidebar of a post so that the link to the section that's currently active will be highlighted as a user scrolls through the post.

hugo scroll events javascript es6 requestAnimationFrame

Hugo and Tailwind CSS tutorial

December 12, 2020

Installing Tailwind CSS with PostCSS in a hugo application. Learn how to configure tailwind postprocessing to style code blocks, headers and more. We'll also cover how to add ES6 modules to a theme using JSBuild.

Hugo TailwindCSS PostCSS Clipboard API ES6

Beginner Hugo Tutorial Based on Giraffe Academy Series

November 29, 2020

My notes from the Giraffe Academy YouTube tutorial series on how to build static sites using the Hugo framework


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