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Developer Project Showcase

One of the demo projects we built at Flatiron School was a project showcase application with a few student projects as data. I really liked this project and wanted to build and deploy a version of it that has more features (like authentication, image uploads, and eventually searching, messaging, resource sharing. I want to build a community around it and I’m interested in bringing on collaborators as well.

This application currently allows developers to create a profile, share links to their social media profiles, and showcase their projects. Projects can have a featured image, a description, links to the deployed site, the code, and a video demo, a list of technologies used and a list of collaborators who also worked on the project.

The React application is backed by a Ruby on Rails API that uses JSON Web Tokens to authenticate users and Postgres Array type columns to track technologies and collaborators. The application is backed by Cypress End to End and component tests.

Keep working in the woodshed until your skills catch up to your taste.
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